Welcome to the BYU MBA Spouse Association!

MBASA Members share their experiences:

“The BYU MBA program is truly one of a kind. The program is challenging and has a great national reputation for producing great employees with the utmost integrity. I also love that, because so many are married, it has a spouse association that provides a great network for the family members along for the ride. I had really underestimated the value of the spouse association when we were looking at potential schools—only after arriving here did I understand how amazing it truly was.”

“My husband was interested in switching careers. Now he’s going to an incredible company in an entirely different industry and job function, which is essentially impossible without an MBA. A BYU MBA helped him switch careers for a fraction of the cost of most MBA programs, all while being family friendly. We can’t believe that we ever considered another school!”

“Our little family has had such a great experience in the short time we’ve been in the BYU MBA program! My husband has matured and gained a confidence I have never seen in him. Yes, obviously a confidence in his abilities to compete for positions in major companies, but also maturity and confidence as a leader in the community and in our home. We have also made so many amazing friendships that I know will be lifelong friends. Between the MBA program and my involvement in MBASA, our entire family has benefitted socially. Our kids have adjusted so well through our move to Provo, and I believe 100% that it’s because of the BYU MBA program’s organizations (such as MBAA and MBASA) for our entire family. We have loved our time here so far and are grateful we get to be part of this amazing program!”

“The BYU MBA program has been an incredible blessing for our family. As my husband has progressed through this first year of the program, I have seen his confidence in himself and his abilities grow in leaps and bounds. He’s gone from being a humanities major and worried he might never find a good job, to a highly capable and respected member of the BYU MBA community. We have loved the family-focus of BYU’s program and the incredible relationships we have built already in our first year. The top-notch education coupled with BYU’s strong brand and wonderful student and faculty mentors, have, without a doubt, opened doors for our family we never imagined would have been available to us. We have loved every minute of our BYU MBA experience and wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

“My husband getting his MBA at BYU has been the best decision for our family because BYU considers the entire family in their offering and provides an education that enriches your life long term. The spouse association gave me lasting friendships I will cherish my entire life and helped bridge the gaps we experienced leaving the workplace and returning to school. We are excited about the short-term opportunities we’ve had because of the program, but I’m ecstatic as I think about what our life will be like long-term as a result of attending BYU. I have always adored my husband, but watching who he has become through the program has been absolutely inspiring. He is more confident, more focused, more intelligent, and has a better understanding of leadership and business strategy—but has also learned how it applies to life, and he is a better husband, father and friend because of it. I am excited for our future together because I know we will both have limitless opportunities to lead and serve others throughout the world as a result of all that we have learned in our time here.”

“Before my husband even considered attending MBA School, his dream had always been to start his own business. BYU quickly became his top choice when applying due to its highly ranked entrepreneurship program (and the cost of tuition was an excellent incentive as well.) Upon starting school, my husband quickly found himself surrounded by other equally ambitious students. It wasn’t hard for him to find a business partner who not only shared his passion for new ideas, but also shared similar life values and business ethics. The network of professors at BYU and their connections to outside organizations helped them find the mentors and funding they needed to get their business rolling. BYU’s MBA program undoubtedly played a large role in the success of their self-started business.”