September 8, 2015

BYU Campus

Campus life in Provo is fantastic and family-friendly. With museums, athletic facilities, the bookstore, and so much more, it offers a pleasant atmosphere and plenty to do for everyone!

0704-01 GCS April 2007 BYU General Campus Scenics View from JFSB Patio, Bell Tower and Provo Temple, Spring April 6, 2007 Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Copyright BYU Photo 2007 All Rights Reserved  (801)422-7322

If you would like information about rankings, campus life, enrollment, social media, and more, the Y Facts website will be your best resource for a variety of helpful links.

Fun Campus Features


Spouses are eligible to receive a BYU ID card. The student must have you listed as their spouse on their personal information record on myBYU. Once the spouse is linked to a BYU student, they can go to the ID Card Center at 2310 WSC (Wilkinson Center) to obtain their photo ID. For more information, visit the ID Center website.


Benefits of Your BYU ID Card:

  • Check out materials at the Harold B. Lee Library
  • Participate in Intramural Sports
    • MBAA/MBASA sponsor several intramural teams each year
  • Use BYU athletic facilities
    • Indoor track, pool, tennis courts, weight room and more
    • Spouses must present their ID card to receive a daily wristband at 112 Richards Building (RB), 293 Smith Fieldhouse (SFH) weight rooms, or locker room counters

Please see the Facility Use Policy for more information on these policies

Campus Parking

Parking on campus is limited. To learn more about the available parking lots and structures around campus, please click on the “Parking” on the complete Campus Map.


There are two visitor parking lots, located next to the Museum of Art and the Law School. All other campus parking lots are only for student cars that have been registered with BYU Parking. Please note that if your car has been registered, you are no longer eligible to park in visitor parking.

Parking Lots:

Campus parking lots are marked with colored signs and a letter indicating who must be registered to park there.

Color Letter Registration Required
Blue A Faculty
Red G Graduate Students
Yellow Y Graduate & Undergraduate Students
Green C Single students living in on-campus housing

These restrictions are enforced during the hours specified on the signs, typically Monday through Friday from 7 AM – 4 PM. The lots are patrolled by campus security and unregistered cars will be ticketed. All campus parking lots are closed overnight from 1-5 AM unless indicated otherwise.

Car/Motorcycle/Bike Registration

Honor Code

All students and faculty are required to adhere to BYU’s Honor Code. Each student commits to abide by the standards of the Honor Code and failure to do so can result in expulsion. For more information regarding the Honor Code, click here.