Our Mission

MBASA (pronounced “em-BAH-suh!”) stands for Master of Business Administration Spouse Association. But it goes deeper than just a funny acronym, MBASA stands as a strong support system for our members and provides opportunities for service, friendship, leadership, and learning for all its members.

Our theme for the 2017-2018 year is “Create Community”.  We believe that with most things in life, you get out what you put in.  As we strive to create a strong community around us by reaching out to others, we will in turn be blessed, and our own lives enriched.  MBASA is such a powerful support system because of its members, and we look forward to a year of fun, friendship, and personal growth as we love and serve, and thereby create community.  


Our Members

If your husband/wife is enrolled in BYU’s full time MBA program, you are automatically a member of MBASA. Full-time female MBA students are also invited to join MBASA.

MBASA Membership is open to men and women, international spouses, spouses who work, spouses who are students, spouses who stay at home, spouses with children, spouses expecting children, and spouses without children. Interests, talents, and experiences of MBASA members are diverse which provides unique opportunities to connect and grow.


Every month, MBASA committees plan and provide any number of activities. Examples of past activities include BBQs, kids’ soccer teams, fitness and nutrition classes, getting-to-know-you nights, park days, field trips, monthly book group, creative writing group, service projects, movie nights, ethnic cooking classes, holiday parties, free clothing exchanges, craft and sewing classes, and education classes—and that’s just the beginning of the list! All information about these groups and activities is shared through weekly emails and our social media sites.



Looking to get involved? Members can check out our MBASA Committee Sign-Up Sheet and join as many committees as you wish! In committees, you share your input and can also help plan and lead MBASA activities this year! See the Presidency & Board page to learn about the Committee Heads & their committees.



MBASA is run by volunteers willing to donate their time and talents. The Marriott School of Management supports MBASA and provides us with an annual budget to help offset the cost of our activities. However, this is simply not sufficient to cover all our expenses and we do ask members to contribute $35 per year in dues.

These dues help pay for things like:

  • Opening & Closing Social
  • Activities & Holiday Parties
  • MBASA Directory App

BYU keeps a meticulous record of our expenditures. MBASA funds go directly to an account at BYU that is monitored and audited monthly. Any miscalculations or mismanagement of money results in a loss of our club altogether, so we take our budget and your dues very seriously. You may contact our Treasurer, Meridith Baugh, for questions about the budget, dues, and reimbursements.

To pay your MBASA dues online:

  1. Click here (
  2. Click on BYU Student Club Dues (I-O)
  3. Scroll down to click on MBA Spouse Association
  4. Fill in your First and Last Name, email address, and phone number
  5. Click Add to Basket
  6. Click Checkout
  7. Enter your payment information
  8. Click Continue Checkout
  9. Verify your information
  10. Click Submit Payment