Online Matters

Google Group

What is the MBASA Google Group?
The MBASA Google Group is a private e-mail list-serv where members of MBASA can send group e-mails to all the spouses who are signed up for the group. This group is used to promote and advertise activities, share advice, answer questions, solicit recommendations, and post items for sale (including housing, furniture, cars, etc.) It is a great way to connect with fellow spouses and build our community.

How do I join the MBASA Google Group?
Visit our Google Group homepage here. You will then be prompted to “Sign in and apply for membership.” Your application will be approved shortly and you will then be able to access the Google Group. You will then be able to receive new e-mails from other members, send your own e-mails, and search the group for past discussions.

How do I post a message on the Google Group?
Simply send an e-mail to Your message will then be sent to all the subscribed members.

How do I quit the Google Group?
To unsubscribe from the group, send an email to

Can I stop the amount of emails I receive from the Google Group?
We do have an active community which sometimes means a lot of e-mails will be coming through the MBASA list serv. You can, however, edit your settings to limit the number of e-mails you receive on a daily basis. Sign into the GoogleGroup here and click on Edit my Membership on the right-hand side. You can select several options: no e-mail notifications (which would require you to check the GoogleGroup’s homepage regularly for updates), abridged e-mail (once per day or every 100 messages), digest e-mail (approximately one e-mail a day with up to 25 messages), or to receive each e-mail as it is sent.

How should I respond to a message on the Google Group?
If you are replying to Google Group messages from your email (the preferred method), and want to only reply to the original sender, just hit “Reply.” If you hit “Reply All” your message will be sent to everyone in the Google Group.   If responding to messages from the Google Group homepage, you must click the drop-down arrow and select “Reply to author,” if you click “Reply” from the Google Group site it will reply to the entire group.   For either method of responding to messages there will be times when replying to the entire Google Group is necessary, however in the vast majority of cases you should reply only to the author of the original message. 

If you are asking a question that you think others may like to read the responses you receive, consider creating a Google Doc (instructions below) and put the link in your email.  People can answer your question on the Google Doc and those who are interested can read the responses you receive by referencing the link in your email.  If you see an email come across the Google Group about something that interests you, yet don’t see any responses, feel free to ask the person who sent the email originally to forward responses to you.  Following these suggestions helps keep many members of MBASA from being overwhelmed by the large number of emails that come through the Google Group each day.

Facebook Group

What is the purpose of the BYU MBASA Facebook Group?
The BYU MBASA Facebook Group is an extension of the Alumni Directory and should be used primarily to connect with MBASA Alumni worldwide.  Feel free to post pictures of MBASA events on the Facebook page to share with current members, which in turn updates Alumni on MBASA happenings.  The Facebook Group is also a great way to coordinate get-togethers and MBASA reunions around the world.

When to use the Google Group versus the Facebook Group?
The Google Group is a great resource for all things Provo-related.  Need to borrow something or want to advertise an event?  The Google Group is for you.  The Facebook Group is to connect us with MBASA Alumni worldwide.  So if you want to know the best schools in Nashville or where to live in Seattle – the Facebook Group is the perfect place for your questions.  The Facebook Group is also a great place to share large batches of pictures taken at MBASA gatherings with your MBASA friends.


How can I sync the MBASA Calendar to my personal calendar?
While signed in to your Google account, open the
MBASA Calendar. At the very right-hand bottom of your computer screen, you will see an icon that says + Google Calendar. If you click this button, the MBASA Calendar–with all the dates, times, and information about activities–will then be added to your personal Google calendar.


What are GoogleDocs and why are they used so frequently?
GoogleDocs are an easy way to sign up for activities and share information among all the spouses. Anyone with a link to a GoogleDoc can open and edit a GoogleDoc. There are many different types of GoogleDocs (spreadsheets, documents, forms, presentations, etc.) but MBASA tends to use spreadsheets most frequently.

How do I create a GoogleDoc?
While signed into your Google account, click on the “Documents” tab at the top of the screen. On the left hand side, click the button that says “Create” and select the type of document you want to create. Don’t forget to title your document.

How do I share a GoogleDoc so that anyone can edit?
Before you send out a link to a GoogleDoc for all the spouses to use or edit, you must first make sure that you have granted access to everyone with a link. To do this, click on the blue “Share” button at the top right-hand corner. Click on “Change” and change your settings to “Anyone with a link” (the second option). Also be sure to click the button at the bottom of the page that says “Allow anyone to edit (no sign-in required)”. Once those two buttons have been selected, hit Save and your document is ready to be shared using the link that will now be shown to you.

What is the members only password?
Please e-mail us at if you want to receive the website’s private password. This will only be given to current or incoming spouses and it will change every year. The alumni directory uses a different password. Any current or past member of MBASA is welcome to contact us in order to receive the password to access this database.