Internship Search Resources

How can my spouse find an internship?

There are several key ways that students can learn about internships and apply to various internship positions:

    • Information Sessions – Many companies will come to campus to hold information sessions where they will discuss internships/jobs available at their companies and explain the application process. Students can meet representatives from the company and begin networking. Information about these events will be communicated to the students through the MBA Portal or via e-mail. You can also learn about events going on around campus on the MBA Calendar.
    • Conferences/Career Fairs – There are lots of conferences and job fairs going on around the country all the time where companies will be recruiting for both internships and jobs. The most popular are NBMBAA (National Black MBA Association) and NSHMBA (National Society of Hispanic MBAs) which typically hold their annual conferences at the end of September/beginning of October. (And FYI, your spouse does not need to be black or Hispanic to benefit from these conferences.) They should set up interviews with companies before they go since the interview slots fill up fast.
    • Cold Calls – Cold calls are not a typical method to find an internship. It is best to establish a relationship through networking with current students, alumni and other business/personal contacts. Generally, a student should email a prospective contact to set up an information interview.
    • Information Interviews – Setting up a phone call with a company employee, often a BYU alum, to learn more about the company your are interested in working for.
    • Networking – Use other students, faculty, and alumni to build and broaden networks.
    • Treks – Almost all the tracks have their own “trek” which allows the students to visit major companies that specialize in their respective field of interest.
    • Face Time – Sometimes, the most successful and memorable way to get the internship you want is to visit the company and get face time with the people who can put you in the path toward an internship/job. Since not all companies come to campus or career fairs to recruit, traveling to New York City, Seattle, San Jose, etc. to visit the corporate headquarters can leave a great impression on the company. Many employers look very positively on candidates who come to visit on their own dime and pursue internship/job opportunities. Use the opportunity to meet with recruiters and other applicable people with the employer. Dress your best, ask lots of questions, and be respective of their time. 
    • Marriott School Clubs – The Marriott School (and the MBA program in particular) host several clubs (generally at least one for each track) which your spouse can join. These clubs can help strengthen your spouse’s understanding of their chosen field, but also boost their resume and provide them with networking opportunities.

What other help is available?

    • Business Career Center – Students can make an appointment with a career specialist who can give them valuable assistance. Depending on the track, students can meet with Dick Smith, Shawna Gygi, Rick Patterson or Eric Doman.
    • Business Career Research Guide – research companies, job openings, and much more through the Lee Library’s website
    • Sherpa – Mentor program which pairs a 2nd year MBA student (“Sherpa”) with a 1st year MBA student (“Climber”). Each Sherpa is responsible to help their climbers build the necessary skills in order to earn a great internship. Ultimately, each 1st year student is responsible for securing their own internship. A Sherpa simply acts as a support to help the student achieve their goals.
    • Resume Building – Each track has a membership organization that will help students with their resume, interview and other necessary skills. The Sherpa program will also provide support in these areas.
    • Interview Practice – Practice with your spouse or have them practice with their Sherpa.
    • LinkedIn – A networking site. LinkedIn can be a powerful too…if used correctly. How to effectively use LinkedIn was covered extensively in orientation.
    • MBA Base Camp Bulletin – Information posted about internships and information sessions.
    • Alumni Database and Network – A way to network with BYU MBA alumni.

Useful Links for Internship/Job Searches