MBASA is organized into nine committees and three special programs. The committees plan and provide many different activities each month. A few examples of past activities include: play groups, field trips, monthly Book Group, bonfires, kids’ soccer teams, fitness and nutrition classes, getting-to-know-you nights, service projects (hospital bags, military care packages, etc.), movie nights, ethnic cooking classes, Halloween and Easter parties, free clothing exchanges, craft and sewing classes, and education classes.

Joining a committee allows you to become more involved and get to know other spouses as you help to plan and carry out different activities. You do not have to join a committee’s planning team to participate in their activities. To join a committee, visit our Virtual Committee Fair.

Fine Arts Committee:

Fine Arts is for those who love learning, discussions, and the fine arts. Our feisty, welcoming group values individuals’ expertise and opinions while striving to provide a safe environment for self-discovery and new ideas. Whether you are an accomplished expert or novice in art, music, theater, architecture, interior design, literature, writing, art history, needle arts, dance, humanities, and film, or just somewhere in between (like most of us) and want to learn something new–-come join us. Activities include: book club, local cultural event field trips, theater and art classes for kids, a musical Christmas fireside, architectural seminars, film screenings and discussions, and art date nights. There are so many great opportunities to enrich your mind, and inspire your soul; plus, it’s a great group of individuals that would love to have you along for the fun!

Communication Committee:

Use your creative talents to assist the presidency in communication with all members of MBASA. We will collect or take pictures of MBASA members to create a directory. This committee will oversee activities such as Communication Improvement Activities, Professional Development Classes (resumes, interviewing, networking), as well as classes on communication media such as photography, blogging, and graphic design.

Education Committee:

The purpose of the Education Committee is to plan activities that will enrich the lives of the MBA spouses and their families through secular and spiritual learning. We will seek out individuals from within MBASA as well as the community to share their knowledge and expertise. This committee will oversee educational activities related to learning new skills and hobbies, spiritual education, and discussing topics that will strengthen the home and enlighten the mind. Some past activities have included making homemade Christmas gifts on a budget, children’s dance and music classes, a cooking series, morning brunch discussions based on Gospel topics, mini-classes that included instruction on parenting, dating your spouse, cutting hair, budgeting and so much more! We would love to tap into the talent and expertise that exists among us, so please consider how you might share your knowledge with us this coming year!

Family Committee:

This committee is here to support families and children in the MBA program by providing a variety of activities including, but not limited to, play groups, park days, field trips, holiday parties, and activities for first time moms (i.e. Babes with Babes). Our goal is to strengthen family relationships and provide parents the opportunity to learn and grow in their roles as well as enrich the family life.

Fellowship Committee:

The Fellowship Committee hosts social experiences that help build friendships, invite members to feel welcome and come together. Some great activities we host include “Night Outs,” dinner groups, group date nights, activities for spouses without children, and getting-to-know-you activities. So join if you love to have fun!

Gifts of the Heart Exchange (GOTHE) Committee:

Gifts of the Heart Exchange is a FREE clothing/item exchange that occurs four times during the school year. It is made up of donations from Kid to Kid stores in Lehi and Lindon, as well as donations from MBASA members, BYU students, and the community. The purpose of this committee is to help organize, set up, run, and clean up after each GOTHE event. It’s an amazing experience for both the giver and the receiver, so come join us!

Service Committee:

The service committee is ALL about the love! We provide many various opportunities for you to show love by giving your time and talents to lift and bless others in our community and within the MBASA family. By participating in these experiences you also feel the love and friendship that comes from working side by side with others and letting your own needs/concerns rest for a bit. Oh, and did we mention . . . we have a whole lotta fun! Some ideas for activities include, but are not limited to Service Gift Exchange, Rural Housing Development Project, Operation Share a Smile, Military Care Packages, Singing at Senior Centers, Food and Care Coalition, Your Community Cares, Bracelet Making for Juvenile Justice Services, BYU Women’s Services, etc. We want YOU to feel the love. Bring your ideas, bring your friends, and join us in becoming Difference-Makers!

Sports & Wellness Committee:

The Sports & Wellness committees supports MBASA members and their families in healthy living while promoting unity and providing friendship opportunities. This includes exercise (in all forms) and nutrition. Activities may include family hikes, runs, sports classes, exercise classes, morning workouts, kid sports, nutrition classes, etc. This committee will also set up and organize all intramural teams for MBASA members.

World Cultures Committee:

The World Culture Committee wants to help those from out-of-state and internationals to transition to new lives in Provo and the MBA experience. To educate MBASA on the various cultures brought under the MBA program and to help internationals with translation and an interpreter when needed. Our committee exists to make your experience with MBASA unforgettable; you will make friends from all over the world and from all over the country. You will learn about new cultures and experience not only the best of the American culture while you are here, but the best of all worlds. There is nothing like having a friend everywhere and anywhere you go, be it California, Texas, Guatemala, or Taiwan!