MBASA Elections

Elections for the next school year are typically held in March of the preceding year.  The President facilitates the election process and may choose to run things a little differently but this provides a general idea of how the election runs each year.


*  Only Presidency positions are elected- President, Vice-president, Director of Committees, Secretary, and Treasurer.

*  Only returning MBASA members may vote (this includes members whose spouses are involved in joint programs.)

*  Committees automatically dissolve at the end of each year. The new presidency may reinstate the committees they want to keep, as well as add any new committees. All MBASA members will have the chance to apply for a Committee Head position, and the presidency works together to select them. Every MBASA member has the right to serve on any committee.

The Election Process

Intent to Run:  Please submit a picture (headshot) of yourself along with your campaign statement to the presidency. Please state at the top which position you wish to run for (i.e. President, Vice-President, Director of Committees, Secretary, or Treasurer). Entries cannot be more than one page, including your picture (12 pt font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins). All campaign statements will be compiled and sent to each MBASA member through email. This is what most people will read before voting.

Campaigning: During the course of this election, candidates will abide by a $20 spending limit. Please do NOT use any food or treats in your campaigning. Please do NOT use the MBASA Google Group to campaign. Please do NOT use the MBASA email list to send a mass email. You may, of course, personally email your friends and acquaintances.

Speech Night:  Candidates will be able to present their qualifications/vision/ideas for next year. (Presidential candidates will have 4 minutes, Vice-presidential and Director of Committees candidates will have 3 minutes, and Secretary and Treasurer candidates will have 2 minutes.) We encourage ALL returning members to come to Speech Night and support those who are willing to serve in MBASA next year!!

Elections: Elections will be taken online through a Qualtrics survey. Each member is entitled to one vote. (The survey will only allow one vote per IP address.) *If more than three people end up running for one position, we will hold Primary elections and final elections will follow. Candidates will be notified of the results the next morning, before it is announced to the entire MBASA membership. If you are a candidate, please be ready to answer your phone that morning so we can get through the results, and then let the entire membership know as soon as possible as well.

Assumption of Duties

*  The new presidency will officially begin their service the day after graduation. However, they may meet to make plans, create committees etc before that date. We would recommend you meet and start the process for forming your committees and choosing committee heads, before everyone leaves for the summer.

*  The old presidency and the new presidency will meet together to do a question/answer night and we will hand over all information necessary to the new presidency.