What is the MBASA?
MBASA (Master of Business Administration Spouse Association) provides support to spouses of currently enrolled BYU MBA students and opportunities for service and social interaction. To read the MBASA Charter, click here.

How do you pronounce MBASA?
MBASA is pronounced “em-BA-sa.” It stands for Master of Business Administration Spouse Association.

What type of activities are provided?
Every month, MBASA committees plan and provide any number of activities. Here are a few examples of past activities: park days, field trips, monthly Book Group, monthly Writer’s Group, BBQs, kids’ soccer teams, fitness and nutrition classes, getting-to-know-you nights, service projects (hospital bags, military care packages, etc.), movie nights, ethnic cooking classes, Halloween and Easter parties, free clothing exchanges, craft and sewing classes, and education classes. There are several specialized groups–like a group for new moms, spouses without children, or sports teams (both for children and adults)–that you can sign up for. All information about these groups and activities is shared through the GoogleGroup e-mails and weekly MBASA Bulletin.

What committees are there?
We have nine committees: Family, Service, Fine Arts, Fellowship, Communication, Education, Sports and Wellness, World Cultures, and GOTHE (Gift of the Heart Exchange). There are also three Special Programs, the Guru program which pairs incoming spouses with a second-year spouse, Recruiting,  and New Moms and Extenuating Circumstances which provides help and support to spouses in need. Any spouse can be a member of any committee.

How can I become involved?
Our goal is to offer a variety of opportunities for all spouses. Check the online calendar for a current schedule of activities. Call or email the committee you are interested in joining. We’d love to hear from you! Visit our Membership page to learn more details.

What do all those acronyms and terms my spouse use mean?
You’ll quickly discover that the MBA world has its own language. Here are the most common acronyms and terms you may hear:

  • MBASA (pronounced em-BA-sa) = MBA Spouse Association – Association for all spouses of BYU MBA students
  • GOTHE = Gifts of the Heart Exchange – Free clothing exchange for all MBA families
  • MBAA = MBA Association – Association for all BYU MBA students
  • NAC (pronounced Knack) = National Advisory Council – Successful business leaders involved in the Marriott School. Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend the NAC dinner and spouses luncheon.
  • NSHMBA (prounounced Nah-shimba) = National Society of Hispanic MBAs – They hold a popular Annual Career Expos/Fairs. Open for everyone to attend.
  • National Black = National Black MBA Association – They hold a popular Annual Career Expos/Fairs. Open for everyone to attend.
  • TechTrek – Winter semester Finance/Marketing trip to major tech companies like Google and Apple.
  • Sherpa – 2nd year student assigned to guide first year student with internship search.
  • Guru – The MBASA version of a Sherpa. A second year spouse is assigned to a first year to help them navigate the MBASA waters.
  • Info Sessions – Companies come and present general/job information.

What is appropriate dress for MBA events and MBASA activities?
Throughout the year, you will see the following terms for dress on invitations, bulletins and your spouse’s schedule. Below are definitions of those terms, as they will be used often. We want everyone to feel comfortable and able to attend all functions.

Business Professional
MBA: Suit and tie for men. Tailored suit or professional dress for women.
Spouse: Suit, “dressy” church dress, or “dressy” blouse and skirt/pants for women. Suit and tie for men.

Business Casual
MBA: Open-necked, collared shirts or blouses and sweaters; khakis or other pressed pant; leather or casual walking shoes
Spouse: Same as for MBAs. Women may also wear skirts or simple dresses.

Jeans or knee-length shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.