Who can be a member of MBASA?

If your husband/wife is enrolled in BYU’s full time MBA program, you are automatically a member of the MBASA. Full time MBA students may also request membership if desired.  Our membership is diverse; the uniqueness of individual members enhances friendships within the association. We have men and women, international spouses, spouses who work, spouses who are students, spouses who stay at home, spouses with children, spouses expecting children, and spouses without children. Interests, talents, and experiences of spouses are varied and extensive.

Why should I get involved in MBASA?

A major element of the  “Most Family-Friendly”  MBA program in the nation, the Brigham Young University MBA Spouse Association provides a wide variety of activities and many opportunities to form life-long friendships. This is a community of spouses who are all in the same boat: we understand each other and can offer support and encouragement through the sometimes difficult and discouraging aspects of being married to an MBA student. Is it all bad? Not at all! In many cases, your spouses will be stretching, growing, and becoming a better person during their two years in the MBA program; MBASA strives to provide the same environment for self-discovery, enjoyment, and personal fulfillment for each of our spouses. We want to enlighten and inspire your soul, engage and feed your mind, and enrich and strengthen your body. There’s something for everyone and a place for every spouse in our organization.

How can I get involved?

If your husband/wife has been accepted to and enrolled in BYU’s MBA program, we invite you to check the MBASA Calendar for upcoming activities. Join a committee or two and help plan activities. If you have questions about what to expect or getting involved, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the right person!

Does it cost anything to join?

The Marriott School of Management loves and supports MBASA and provides us with an annual budget to help offset the cost of our activities. However, this generous endowment is not sufficient to cover all our costs and so we ask members to contribute $35 per year in dues. These dues help pay for the:

* Opening Social and Closing Social
* Photo directory
* Activities and parties (flyers, supplies, refreshments, etc.)
* And much more!

INSTRUCTIONS– To pay your MBASA club dues:
1. Click the link here or copy and paste
2. Click on BYU Student Club Dues (I-O)
3. Scroll down to click on MBA Spouse Association
4. Fill in your First and Last Name, email address, and phone number
5. Click Add to Basket
6. Click Checkout
7. Enter your payment information
8. Click Continue Checkout
9. Verify your information
10. Click Submit Payment

BYU keeps a meticulous record of our expenditures.  We assure you that the Presidency is NOT vacationing on your dues.  They go directly to an account at BYU that is monitored and audited monthly!  Any miscalculations or mis-management of money results in a loss of our club altogether so we take our budget and your dues very seriously.  Please contact our Treasurer, Tawnya, for questions about the budget, dues, and reimbursements.