Mission and Policies

Mission Statement: We are spouses of MBA students in the Marriott School of Management. Celebrating our diverse backgrounds, we support each other in a spirit of friendship and unity. We strive to develop spiritually, socially, and intellectually as we embrace each other, enrich lives, and elevate our potential.

Behind every choice we make or activity we plan, we are guided by a vision of creating belonging and unity, strengthening family relationships, empowering members as leaders and mentors, experiencing real growth and preparation for the future, and carrying on the tradition of excellence.

As a presidency and board, our goals for the 2013-2014 school year are to:

  1. Enrich lives
  2. Remember names and faces
  3. Strengthen relationships
  4. Fulfill our duties to include everyone


MBASA is governed by an MBASA Charter. All members are encouraged to read and understand this document. It outlines qualifications for membership, roles and responsibilities of the presidency and board, the election process, amendments and overrides to the charter, and proper financial governance.

In order for MBASA to continue to run smoothly and with the support of the MBA program, we have a few policies and guidelines:


1. Food Policies for On-Campus Activities (Tanner Building, Wilkinson Center, etc.): Parties of 20+ must use a BYU-approved caterer. BYU Food to Go is fast, easy and cheapest price and must be ordered 2 days in advance (801-422-5011). No outside water bottles can be used. BYU is in contract with Coca-Cola. Dasani water can be ordered from BYU Food To Go if needed. Best suggestion: Fill jugs with water and bring disposable cups

2. Products/Advertising: We cannot endorse any products or brands in the name of MBASA or BYU. No selling products at activities with the exception of the Mrs. Claus Boutique where handmade items from spouses can be sold.

3. No Raffles: Raffles are considered gambling which is illegal in the State of Utah. Collecting money for prizes is also not allowed. Door prizes are okay.

4. Use of Google Group: No advertising of activities that conflict with scheduled MBASA events. No promoting products, brands, etc. If hosting a product party of some sort (Scentsy, Tupperware, etc.), one email is allowed, *only if the event does not conflict with a scheduled MBASA event.* After the initial email, contact should only be made with those that sign up or email the person directly. Any questions about use of the Google Group can be addressed to Ashleigh.

5. Safety & Liability: There are no official disclaimers or waivers. BYU is in no way responsible for what happens at MBASA activities. Be sure to put a word in for safety if there is risk with a certain activity.


1. Calendar Guidelines: The calendar will permit 2 evening activities per week, with 1 evening activity per committee per month. Calendar requests must be submitted to Heidi by the 15th of the preceding month, preferably at least 2 weeks before the activity. After the 20th of the preceding month, the calendar opens to allow committees to schedule additional evening activities, space permitting. Exceptions to the 2 evening/week rule are recurring monthly events such as Book Club and Writer’s Group, as well as Date Nights, Family Parties, and MBA/MBAA activities. No MBASA activities on Monday evenings – not even off calendar. Follow the advice of Elder L. Tom Perry, “No other activities should involve our family members on Monday night. This designated time is to be with our families.” (April 2003, “The Importance of the Family”)

2. Advertising for Events: Please use spreadsheets rather than evites for events. Spreadsheets are easier to manage and allow for more information (contact info, ideas, etc.). Evites are for more specialized activities (socials/formal gatherings, etc)

3. Guest Speakers: All guest speakers must be approved through the MBA Office. Please submit speaker requests to Lori (cc Heidi) to begin the approval process. Speakers should not be contacted prior to approval. We are not permitted to ask current general authorities and/or their spouses to speak – even if related to members of MBASA/MBA students.


1. Reimbursement Policies: Only original receipts will be accepted for reimbursement requests (no scanned or copied receipts). Gift cards cannot be purchased. Nothing can be reimbursed that was purchased with food stamps. As a general rule, we encourage committee heads to collect receipts for their committees and submit them to Karilyn for reimbursement.

If you have any questions about policy, email Lori.