Presidency and Board Bios


PRESIDENT: Lori Frandsen

LoriHi! I’m Lori Frandsen. I’m excited to be your MBASA President for 2013-2014. My husband Brady (OB/HR track) and I were brought together by BYU football, have been married almost five years, and have three super sweet and cute children (two boys and a girl in the middle). Despite the challenges of mothering, I love being a mom! I grew up in a tiny town in South Texas. I am passionate about learning, being outdoors, exercising, eating healthy, serving, and spending time with my family and friends. I also love to read, play tennis, and try new recipes. Two of the most fun things I have ever done were being on a Salsa dance team while getting a degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from BYU. I love how MBASA can be a source of strength, support, fun, and lasting friendships for those who choose to get involved. I want EVERYONE to feel like they have a place here with us. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with ideas, needs, questions, or anything else. Looking forward to a great year of service to all of my fellow MBA Spouses! Contact me anytime: email or phone 801-367-1840.


Elise-11-1- croppedI’m Elise Smith and am thrilled to be serving as Vice President this year. An Idaho girl at heart, my childhood was spent moving throughout the continental United States. Case in point – by 9th grade I had attended 10 schools. My charming husband Lowell swept me off my feet seven years ago when we met working in the BYU Computer Labs. I graduated from BYU in 2008 with a degree in Home and Family Living – Interior Design emphasis and a minor in History. Being the oldest of 5 girls, I was destined to have 2 little boys – and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. When I am not playing hide and seek or running laps around the house with them, I like to read, cook, and be crafty. Someday I hope to get a Masters in Historical Architectural Preservation, but for now I just dream. Orange is my all-time favorite color, Sour Patch Kids make any day better, Anne Shirley is my heroine, and daisies instantly bring a smile to my face. I have met so many amazing individuals in MBASA and look forward to getting to know more of you! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns – I am here to help.


HeidiHi! I’m Heidi Mayorga and I am so excited to serve as Director of Committees. I have been married to my best friend for 6 years. We have 2 sweet, beautiful daughters Olivia (3) and Grace (1). I love playing volleyball, being outdoors, reading, sewing, and watching movies while cuddling with my hubby. I have a degree in integrative biology from BYU and enjoy learning about plants and animals. I enjoy traveling to new places, trying new things, and having new experiences. I have had a great time in MBASA and am excited for another year.

SECRETARY: Ashleigh Ingebrigtsen

AshleighHello- I’m Ashleigh Ingebrigtsen, your MBASA Secretary for 2013-2014. I’m very excited for another year of meeting with and learning from the amazing spouses that make up MBASA. My husband Stein and I have 2 kids, Cait (2) and Jakob (2 weeks), and we are headed to Houston for our internship. We are looking forward to this great adventure, but (having graduated from the U of U, I can’t believe I’m saying this) we are excited to be back in Provo next year. I enjoy running and have participated in several marathons and Wasatch Back Relays. I love the outdoors, especially hiking, camping, and whitewater rafting. I have been a nurse for five and a half years and spent most of that time in the Cardiac ICU at Intermountain Medical Center. I had an awesome experience during my first year in MBASA and look forward to having another great year helping others to do so as well.

TREASURER: Karilyn Satterthwaite

Karilyn SatterthwaiteHello! My name is Karilyn Satterthwaite. I was born and raised here in Utah County. After graduating from UVU in accounting, I moved to Washington, DC to work on Capitol Hill. It was there that I met and married my devastatingly handsome husband Clint. We have been married for just over two years and have an energetic red-haired baby girl named Kate. I love being a mom, finding healthy recipes, running, sewing, eating Café Rio and going on walks with my family. As for my guilty pleasure? An ice-cold Dr. Pepper and Cold Stone ice cream. My husband is in the OBHR track and we are spending the summer in Nashville, Tennessee doing our internship with General Mills. I’m excited to serve as treasurer and look forward to a great year!

2013-2014 MBASA BOARD

Arts & Letters Committee: Ashley Clark

AshleyI am delighted to head the Arts & Letters Committee. MBASA is stocked with amazing people that I have learned so much from and am proud to call friends. I hail from San Antonio, Texas and this is my first time in Provo. I have a BFA in Theatre and minor in Art History from Boston University. My two tow-headed kiddos fill most of my time, but during the rare moments they are busy playing trains I am most likely sinking into a book, crocheting, telling animated stories, catching up on Netflix, acting/directing plays, and learning about photography, all while avoiding house cleaning. My past year with MBASA has shown me what a talented and experienced group of individuals this is, you all have so much to offer. I look forward to supporting you with activities you want. Please email me suggestions and sign up for Arts & Letters!

Communication & Leadership Committee: Debi Tonks

DebiGreetings! I’m Debi Tonks, wife of an architect-turned-perspective-entrepreneur (Robert) and homeschooling mother of three (four in August). I was born in Idaho, grew up in California, and returned to Idaho after high school. I have a diploma that says “Ricks College” on it (not BYU-Idaho), and graduated in Visual Communication from the University of Idaho. I served a mission in Chicago before meeting my wonderful husband. After marriage, I supported him through school by working as a graphic designer for the Appaloosa Journal for a year before our first was born. Between graduation and coming to BYU, we lived in Billings, MT, for five years. I enjoy reading, teaching, gardening, sewing, baking, organizing, and creating. I do not enjoy cooking or dishes. My life’s ambition is to become a Doula, earn a Masters in Nutrition, and eventually become a midwife. That may all seem pretty random when compared to the rest of my life, but I’m a pretty random person. My favorite part of graphic design is getting information across to people in the most appealing way possible. I am very excited use my passion for organization and information design as head of the Communication & Leadership committee!

Assistant to the Communication & Leadership Committee: Katie Workman

Katie Workman - croppedHi, I’m Katie! I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ where I graduated from ASU and met my red-headed hunk of a husband. I married him 5 ½ years ago in hopes that I’d get some read headed babies out of the deal, but no luck so far. We do have two sweet dark haired beauties: Alexa (2 yrs) & Zoey Claire (1 yr), and a baby due this Halloween. We’re excited for our second year in the MBA program here at BYU and have enjoyed our first experience with Provo (oh, Cafe Rio!) thus far. A little about me: I’m a hot dog connoisseur, I’d rather read a book than do most anything else, my nostalgia for olden days & my love for the Beatles means I probably should have been born a few decades earlier, beating my husband at board games is one of the highlights of my existence, although sometimes shy, I love to meet new people and I’m excited to serve in MBASA this year!

Education Committee: Taunya Perry

TaunyaMy name is Taunya Perry, and I’m thrilled to be involved with the Education Committee this year! My husband and I are natives of Arizona, but came to Utah most recently from Houston, TX. We have five fun and enthusiastic (OK, a little crazy!) kids, with our sixth on the way. Some of our favorite things to do include attending BYU sporting events (Go Cougs!), exploring the outdoors, baking treats, music, gardening, and learning about new things (we have little scientists around here!). A little about me… I have degrees in Piano Performance and Music Education and LOVE to share my passion for music with my family and students. I’ve taught piano privately for almost two decades (that makes me sound really old!) and also had the opportunity to teach High School and Jr. High orchestra before we had little ones. I served in the Philippines, Bacolod mission, a wonderful time of learning and growth for me, serving among wonderful people. I love to run, do crafts, clean, chat, go on dates with my hubby, and learn new things. I feel that my family has been richly blessed by all of the MBASA activities. I’ve been amazed at the wealth of knowledge and ability that exists among the MBASA spouses collectively. I hope that you’ll all be willing to share your knowledge with us this year, whether it came by way of formal education, curiosity, resourcefulness, or good ‘ol desperation!

Assistant to the Education Committee: Jessica Peterson

JessicaMBASA has been such an excellent addition to my life this past year, and I am very excited to be working with the Education Committee this year. I graduated from BYU with my Masters Degree in Art History and a Minor in Ballroom Dance. I can honestly say I miss being in school! Eager to keep learning after graduation, I started taking cake decorating classes, and I now own my own business decorating cakes and teach classes occasionally. I love to read, play the piano, play with my darling kids and hunky husband J, visit museums, talk about art, and decorate cakes (sometimes into the wee hours of the morning) with my husband as my stellar sidekick. I love that my husband is learning new things that excite him in the MBA program, and I am thrilled that we have MBASA to help us also continue to grow and learn and make lasting friendships.

Family Committee: Makana Hansen

MakanaHi there, I am Makana Limary Hansen and I love families!!! I am the 4th child of 10 and was raised on a little farm in Sacramento, CA. I even had my own pig, hunted for chicken eggs, milked cows, and loved 4-H. I have a dream of competing in SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), writing a children’s book, and graduating from Hogwarts. I served a full-time mission to Omaha. NE and then I received my Bachelors from BYU-Hawaii in Hospitality & Tourism. It was there I learned how scary it is to snorkel in the dark and why you shouldn’t put your hands under rocks in the ocean. I love cupcakes, Marvel comic movies, triathlons and planning parties. I am mommy to 2 and wife to 1. McKay and I met here in Provo and recently moved from Houston, TX. He is a Chemical Engineer turned Marketing and we will be spending our summer at Exxon. We have been married for 6 years and love to travel, make-out, and laugh. I believe in living my life with purpose and wearing red lipstick and high heels as much as possible.

Fellowship Committee: Megan Harris

Megan - croppedI am Megan Harris and am looking forward to planning some fun “Night Out” activities this coming year so we can really enjoy this school experience. My husband Chad and I are from Mesa, Arizona. We met through a mutual friend and were married in 2007. Chad owned a contracting business with his family for eight years before returning to school, and I am a licensed aesthetician. Our two older sons, Parker (5) and Jaxon (3), were both born in Arizona and Owen (1) was born after we moved here to Utah. Chad had a year left in his undergraduate program when he decided to leave school and take over his family business. When we decided to sell the business, he returned to BYU to finish his undergraduate degree. Upon graduation in April 2012, we decided since we were already in the school mode, we should just go straight into the MBA program. It was a great decision and we have never looked back. We have really enjoyed this experience and I have loved the opportunity to be a part of MBASA! I enjoy being social and love to find any excuse to party! I love watching movies, going out with friends, exercising, simple crafts, trying new things, planning fun play dates for my kids, traveling (I miss this since we have been in school!), and anything that makes me laugh! My husband will be interning this summer with Cummins in Columbus, Indiana.

Fellowship Sub-Committee – Guru Program: Courtney Andersen

CourtneyHello MBASA members! I’m Courtney Andersen, a Southern California native, a lover of all things math and an avid Disneyland goer. I have been married for nine years to my amazing MBA Student, Brian, and have three children, Kate, Jane, and baby Jake. We have a busy home life but love to play, laugh, and watch the Disney Channel. I am excited to be serving as this year’s Head Guru. Moving to Provo meant many changes for my family and with the help of MBASA I was able to have a smoother transition. I hope to help first year MBASA members in a similar way.

Gifts of the Heart Exchange (GOTHE) Committee: Rolene Sheffield

RoleneHello wonderful spouses! This year is going to be SO MUCH FUN! My name is Rolene Sheffield and I grew up in Vacaville, California. I attended BYU and graduated in 2005 in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership. After graduation, I became an activity and sports coordinator, as well as a preschool teacher, for a city in Northern California. After a few years of having a blast playing with kids and event planning, I decided to ditch the sun and move back to good old Provo. It was here I met my husband of six years, David. After we got married, we moved to Carlsbad, California and enjoyed the sun, surf, and sand. It was there that we had our two kids, Clark and Cayson, and my life is completely and utterly centered around them. My favorite thing to do is eat ridiculously fattening and sweet foods, especially muddy buddies. Because of this, I also enjoy playing sports (volleyball, basketball, racquetball, body boarding & badminton) and I have recently gotten into Zumba. I love to dance in my car and have no rhythm, but I still love it. I also love to copy things off of Pinterest because craftiness is happiness! I am super passionate about the Gifts of the Heart Exchange! It is an absolutely wonderful and great service opportunity, especially for young moms! I am excited to make this year’s GOTHE the best it can possibly be and to be able to serve not just MBASA, but the entire student family community. Come serve and have fun at the same time!

Service Committee: Jenna Tanner

JennaHey MBASA! I am Jenna Tanner. I have been married to my sweet husband Scott for 6 1/2 happy years. I am 3 1/2 years older than him and really enjoy having robbed the cradle in order to get such a great catch. We have three entertaining and energetic children, Olivia (5), Luke (2 1/2), and Emily (1). Scott and I are both from Utah (North Ogden for me, Centerville for him), but we spent three awesome years in Denver, Colorado before coming back to BYU for the MBA program. I served a mission in San Fernando, CA where it is “so cool to be So Cal”, and consider that experience to be one of the biggest difference-makers of my life. In December of 2005 I graduated from BYU with a BA in Math Education and went on to teach math for 3 years both at Alta High School and Spanish Fork Jr. High. At Alta I had the great privilege of teaching AP BC Calculus (one of my life dreams — weird, I know). And at both schools I served as the math club adviser, coaching and prepping kids for a variety of math competitions as well as organizing club activities and guest presenters. When I gave birth to our oldest I was able to switch gears professionally. I left the classroom to stay at home, and now work part-time doing correlation online for educational publishing companies. I love reading, hiking, skiing, bowling, rafting, road-tripping, softball, and tennis. I applied to be your Service Committee Head because I have a special place in my heart for helping people. I believe that it is what we have been called to do, and I am so excited to help provide several opportunities for you all to emulate the Savior in this way and feel His love.

Service Sub Committee – New Parents & Extenuating Circumstances: Anne Durham

AnneHi there! I’m Anne Durham. I grew up in SL and became a “UTE” earning my undergrad degree from the University of Utah and later, a Master’s in Education from Westminster College. Despite my red blood, I absolutely love the experience I have had down here in Provo and all that BYU has to offer. In 2010, I married the love of my life, Matt, who has been filling my life with humor and love ever since. We have an active little boy (18 months) and are expecting a little girl this summer. I love finding humor in life, especially now being a mom, and taking advantage of all it has to offer. I also enjoy playing the violin, cooking, running, tennis, learning new things, getting involved, and relaxing with my husband and son. I am so excited to be the sub-committee head for New Parents & Extenuating Circumstances and look forward to finding ways for making your burdens just a little bit lighter this upcoming year. Let me know what I can be doing for you. Email or call 801.376.5701 anytime.

Sports & Wellness Committee: Christian Hubbard

Christian-croppedMy name is Christian Hubbard and I am so excited to be serving as the head of the Sports and Wellness committee this year! I am from the Imperial Valley, which is in the south east part of California. I loved growing up in a desert because I got to play sports (specifically tennis) all year long! I love everything outdoors ( hiking, running, volleyball, soccer, rock climbing, snowboarding) as well as; reading, sewing, and cooking! My husband, Kyle, and I met while attending BYU-Idaho. We have been married for 6 years and have two precious little girls, Mallorie (3) and Hayden (1). We have loved participating in all the fun intramurals and fun BYU sponsored events (Lazy Iron Man, Splash and Dash, Run for your Life)! I hope you will come out and participate in Sports & Wellness activities and get to know everyone! This year has been beyond amazing for us and I know it can be for you as well! I am thrilled for a new year of MBASA and can’t wait to meet all of you incredible spouses! If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to email me.

World Cultures Committee: Paula Barreto

PaulaHi, my name is Paula, and I’m one of many BYU MBA babies out there! My family is from Porto Alegre, Brazil and that’s where I grew up. I met my husband Dennis in Brazil at a church dance a little before I came to Provo to start school soon after he returned home from his mission (serving in Provo). I knew he was the one for me when he told me he wanted to go to BYU too. Perfect! So we came to Provo and got married soon after that. Today, 5 years, 2 little boys, and a few extra pounds later we are living the dream finishing school at BYU. I graduated last year in Family Life, emphasis in Marriage and Family and a minor in Gerontology. I’ve worked at all the Cougareat restaurants, custodial in the Wilk (including the bowling alley) and the biology department as a secretary. Those were fun times but now I’ve got the job as a full time mama and let me tell you what: how fun is that?!!! I love it! What an awesome adventure we are in! I’m super duper excited to be in the World Cultures committee, this year with MBASA will be unforgettable!