Presidency and Board Bios


PRESIDENT: Natalie Pace


I am thrilled and humbled to serve as the MBASA president this year. I truly believe in MBASA and the good that it brings to the lives of its members and their families. I hope we are all able to receive the support and motivation we need this year through our interactions with each other and through our many resources! After graduating from high school in Snohomish, WA I came to BYU to study Recreation Therapy and Spanish. I paused school to serve a mission in Poland, then came back and was set up on a (gasp!) blind date with my husband, James. We have been married six years and have two very silly children Charlotte (4), and Jack (2). We are also in the business of raising a Sulcata Tortoise, which has increased our popularity among children. I love to travel, hike, read anything worth reading, bake banana bread, go on frozen yogurt dates with James, and attend MBASA events. I’m looking forward to a great year with each of you and hope you all feel welcomed and valued within MBASA. Please feel free to contact me anytime, for anything. I’m here to serve you!



I am so excited to be serving as the MBASA Vice President this year! I am from the amazingly beautiful, but bitterly cold land of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Even though I am proudly a Canuck I will take the warm weather over the cold any day. After serving a mission and going to culinary school,  I moved to Salt Lake for a mini adventure in 2008, met my husband, and we have been here ever since. We have 2 little kiddos, one little girl named Chloe (3) and a boy named Peter (1).  I am a woman of many interests, including cooking, reading, dancing, movies and anything active and outdoorsy. One day I dream of traveling, but as of right now I have only been a handful of places, and nowhere outside Canada and the western United States.

MBASA was my saving grace last year, and I can’t wait to pay it back by serving this year. I love this organization and I want to help it be that support and fun we all need through the crazy BYU MBA program. Please feel free to Contact me with any questions.


HeatherMy husband (Joe-finance track) and I moved here from Logan, Utah where we met each other and both grew up. We have 3 children: James (5), Alicen (3) and Hannah (1). I love going on adventures with my kids, photography, digital scrapbooking, hiking and trying new things. A few of my favorite things include Cadbury eggs, fruit smoothies and BBQ sauce.  I am excited for our internship this summer in Dallas, TX with AT&T and can’t promise that I won’t return with a bit of a southern accent. I look forward to meeting each of you this upcoming year. Welcome to MBASA!

SECRETARY: Lauren Walker

Lauren Profile PictureMy name is Lauren Walker and I am so excited for another great year in MBASA! My husband Mark and I, along with our two boys (Christian, 3 and Grant, 1) live in Springville, but are natives of good ole’ Provo. Mark and I met during our glory days, him being a high school basketball star, and me a cheerleader. We dated in high school, wrote while he served his mission in Mexico, and the rest is history! I have my degree in Health Education from BYU and LOVED teaching middle school before having our first baby. Although I am not especially talented in any of the following areas, some of my hobbies include;  basketball, zumba, and belting the words to every song on the “Frozen” sound track. I also love spending time with friends and family, going out to eat, and being outdoors. Aside from being a mom, my dream job is to be an event planner. I love parties and any reason to celebrate! I am excited about the planning and preparation that is taking place for MBASA this year, and can’t wait to celebrate milestones, achievements, and new experiences with all of you!

TREASURER: Tawnya Valentine


Hi guys! My name is Tawnya. My family and I have LOVED being back at BYU this last year in the MBA program, and I have especially loved being involved in MBASA! I grew up in the Seattle-area being a Tom Boy and a big goof ball. I came to BYU and completed my undergraduate degree in Dietetics. While at BYU, I met my husband Todd and after being “friends” for three years we finally fell madly in love ;) That’s a story you’ll have to hear sometime. After Todd completed his Master’s Degree in Geotechnical Engineering, we headed back to Seattle for his first job post graduation. We were there for 6 years and enjoyed every second of it. We added three crazy and cute little kids to our family: Jaxson (7), Lucy (5) and Owen (2). One day while Todd was on a business trip, I got a phone call from him. He informed me that he was going to go back to school to get his MBA at BYU and had two weeks to study, take the GMAT, and apply. This was news to me! It must have been “meant to be” because it all worked out and here we are! Since coming back to Utah, we’ve really enjoyed family bike rides, BYU football games, Cafe Rio, and getting to know so many new friends through the MBA program. Our kids have loved being so close to the mountains and especially the “Y!” Conversation at our house is usually centered around the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and why daddy doesn’t have a job anymore. Things you should know about me: My favorite color is green, swimming with dolphins is on my bucket list, I’m terribly afraid of heights, I’m an AWESOME bowler (haha. No seriously, I am) I love a good joke, a good steak, and anything chocolate. I’m also so excited and honored to serve as your treasurer this year!

2014-2015 MBASA BOARD

Fine Arts: Kacey Ableman

IMG_3117 (2)I am so excited to be involved in MBASA this year as the Arts & Letters Committee Head! MBASA got me busy making connections quickly and eased the transition as we moved from Portland, OR where I grew up. I met my husband when we were both undergrads at BYU and we got married nine years ago. I have a degree in flute performance and have spent all of my adult life (and much time before that) performing, teaching and enjoying music. I also love literature and my family knows it’s time to break out the Mac ‘n Cheese for dinner when they see me with my nose in a book. My husband Drew and I have three busy boys ages seven, five and two. We spend most of our time looking for ways to expend their endless energy and love hiking, biking, sporting events and visiting new places.

Communication Committee: Katie Apker

Maternity 2012 FOR WEB-015- Husband = Marky Mark, Supply Chain & Marketing

- we will be Provo-ites all summer as Mark is interning at Adobe in Lehi
- Kiddos: Locke (4) & Liesel (1 1/2)

- I’m a classic Renaissance woman who likes doing pretty much anything practical or Fun. I graduated from BYU with a BS in Physiology & Developmental Biology, went the law school briefly, then moved on to entrepreneurship. I’ve worked in the wedding industry for over seven years as a professional florist, stylist & photographer. I now am exploring professional styling & stock photography. I enjoy woodworking, reading non-fiction, and throwing BBQs with my hubby when I’m not pretending the be a vegan. My favorite things are Indian food and Bill Murray. I heart MBASA because it provides an avenue for each of us whereby we can improve ourselves rather than just twiddling our thumbs for two years waiting for our spouses to graduate!

Education Committee: Rachel Callan

rachHi! I’m Rachel Callan. What an opportunity we have to be here at BYU! I grew up in Tremonton, Utah, and came to BYU for my undergraduate degree. That is where I met my sweet husband, Rob (OB/HR). I graduated in Home and Family Living with an emphasis in Clothing Construction. Since then, I’ve had three children: Jack (6), Rose (4) and Abram (1). I love to be silly with my kids, learn new things, garden, sew, paint, and watch really old movies. I love that we have the opportunity to teach and learn from each other in so many different ways with MBASA. I’m so grateful for the support this program and the wonderful people in it have given me. We’re excited to experience our internship this year in Jackson, TN with Kellogg’s and are looking forward to next year’s experience.

Family Committee: Trina Weaver

trina weaverI love MBASA and all of the family activities!  I’m so excited to work with those on the family committee to make awesome activities that will help strengthen our families and get us through these tough two years.  After getting my associates degree I went on a mission to Wisconsin. I then attended BYU and got a bachelor’s in Special Education. I met my wonderful husband Austin at BYU and we have been married for 4 ½ years.  We have 2 sweet girls: Sophie who will turn 3 this summer and Mylee who is 9 months old.  My husband and I both love to travel.  We have been to a few different countries together and hope to continue to travel with our kids when they are older. I have loved seeing my husband grow as he has been in the finance track in the MBA program.  MBASA has been such a great program that has helped me grow right along with him. I am excited for another year of socializing and growing together.  I hope that each of you feels the support and love that I have experienced from each member of MBASA.

Fellowship Committee: Shellee Salmon

ShelleeSalmonAs my husband (Dallin) and I discussed where we should attend graduate school, we weren’t sure where to go. After hearing multiple stories about the close-knit community and culture at BYU, our decision became clear. On that note, I love being a member of MBASA. I’ve especially enjoyed the activities and the friendships that have come from my participation. I’ve learned so much about myself, and I’ve grown more than I expected or could have imagined. My experiences with and my appreciation for MBASA are the reasons I’m so thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to serves as the fellowship committee head. I grow up moving all over Utah, but attending high school in Provo, then went on to UVU and received my bachelor degree in Public Health Education. Dallin and I meet in our singles ward and dated for almost three years before deciding to get hitched. About two and a half years later we welcomed our beautiful, outgoing, fearless, daughter Hadlee (18 months).  I really enjoy a little of everything (I really like trying new things), but just to list a few:  travel, being outdoors, watching movies, eating chocolate and attempting to craft. I’m so excited for this upcoming year!

Guru Program: Ashley Crosby

headshotMy name is Ashley Crosby and I am so excited about this year! My husband, Dave and I have been married for 5 years. We have a little girl named Claire and another baby coming this Fall. We both graduated from BYU (where we met) and we are enjoying having a little more Provo time before going back to real life. I love holidays, baking, organizing my home, playing the piano and spending any free time at Target (dangerous). MBASA is such an awesome outlet to every spouse in the program. I am so excited to head up the Guru program and watch friendships grow!

Gifts of the Heart Exchange (GOTHE) Committee: Stacey Morris

Morris_167GOTHE (rhymes with both) is a free clothing/baby supply/household item exchange and I am thrilled to be running it this year with my good friend Virginia. I am married to my best friend Jacob (Finance track) and we have 4 awesome kids: Kallie (6), Ethan (4), Maggie (2), and our new little baby Annie. I grew up in Utah but living in Oregon for 3 years brought out the inner hippie in me and I like to call the tree-hugging state home. I received my degree in Nursing from BYU; I am a stay-at-home mom that enjoys working an occasional night shift in the Intensive Care Unit or Emergency Room. I love traveling, eating candy, thrift shopping, photography, going on adventures with my kids, hanging out with family and friends, running, and cheering for BYU. 

Assitant Gifts of the Heart Exchange (GOTHE) Committee Head: Virginia Barrett

photo1Hi! Me and Stacey are over GOTHE this year! I grew up a military brat so we moved around a lot- I don’t really have a state to call home but if i did it would be Virginia (That’s not a joke- just ask my parents). I served a mission in South Carolina and have been married to my husband, Scott, for 7 years. We have three boys ages 5, 3 and 4 months. I majored in History Education and am currently at home with the boys full time. The first time I met my husband I was tied up to a 40 foot pine tree covered in sap trying to build a high ropes course- he was on the other tree, it was NOT love at first site, but after a long summer of being together all day every day- we discovered we really liked being together. I enjoy reading, expanding my dinner menu via pinterest, warm weather, beaches, well behaved children, and sneaking out to window shop at Target. Also I love fried pickles and Diet Cokes. I don’t enjoy changing diapers, rainy days or going grocery shopping with children. Welcome to MBASA!!

Service Committee: Amy Collier
Amy Collier (596x738)I am excited to be involved this year and serve as the Service Committee head! My husband and I are originally from Washington State, but we have been in Provo for the last several years. I completed my bachelor’s degree in dietetics at BYU, as well as my internship, to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD). I have recently worked as a consultant. My husband is in the Supply Chain track. He loves it so much that he will be serving as this year’s Graduate Supply Chain Management Association (GSCMA) President. We have a cute little boy—Gabriel, aged 19 months—and a little princess on the way.  Some of my interests include wholesome but delicious food, scrapbooking, crocheting, toll painting, organizing, reading, watching period dramas, and spending time with my family and friends. There are so many things that I love about MBASA, but if I had to pick two, they would be the wonderful friends you can make and all of the different opportunities that are available. This past year we had so many different classes, playgroups, service projects, Girls’ Night Outs, and crafts. I look forward to the wonderful things we will do this year! Never hesitate to let me know if you are aware of a potential service opportunity that will bless the lives of those in the program or our community.

New Parents & Extenuating Circumstances: Whitney Tanner

whitney tannerThis past year of MBASA was awesome, and I’m really looking forward to all that this coming year will bring!  The Tanner building holds a lot of history in our family, as my husband and I met there when we had both a business law and finance class together one semester. We eventually got married, graduated with Business degrees, moved to the bay area of California, and vowed that we’d never live anywhere with winter again. We pursued careers in investment banking (him) and business administration (me), and eventually had two kids–Claire, 3, and Levi, 1.  I thought life was going smoothly, so I was very surprised when my husband made a last-minute decision to come back to BYU to get an MBA.  Though buying snow clothes and ice melt made me hesitant, we really enjoyed our year as a family in Utah.  Nathan is pursuing the OBHR track, and we’ll be interning at LinkedIn this summer.  I love scouring the internet to find fun things going on and ideas for activities, so we’ve definitely made the most of our time here.  Though I love taking my kids on walks, going to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point, and Blickenstaff’s, I also love working on photo albums, finding ways to incorporate vegetables into meals, and pinning crafts on pinterest but being too tired to actually implement them.  We’re so excited to meet all of the incoming families and we hope that you’ll enjoy Utah and MBASA as much as we do!

Sports & Wellness Committee: Megan Lindstrom

meganMy name is Megan Lindstrom, I grew up in Cache Valley, Utah, served a mission in Hong Kong, China, and graduated from Utah State in Teaching English as a Second Language. My hubby is genius, styudying Physics as an undergrad and working as a scientist for 4 years in Logan before coming to BYU for his MBA in the OBHR track. This is our first time in Provo and we love it! This summer we intern with Chevron in San Ramon, CA with our 2 rambunctious and hilarious boys, Joshua 3, Anders 1. I love to find ways to have fun with my boys and friends while trying to be healthy and active. I love cooking, traveling, babywearing, watching movies, thrifting, natural birth, chocolate, and teaching.

World Cultures Committee: Claudia Roa

GetAttachment.aspxThanks to MBASA my first year in Utah has been amazing! Before coming to the program I barely spoke any English and was really nervous. Now I have many great friends from all over the world who have made from this journey an awesome experience. I was born and raised in Michoacán Mexico; then I moved to Monterrey do my undergad at Tec de Monterrey in Industrial Engineering. I worked for a few years in that same University and completed my MBA. I met my husband Jorge (OB/HR track) in that same city and we’ve been married for almost 4 years. The best part of my BYU experience has been welcoming our first baby, little boy Isaac, last November. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for MBASA for helping me during that time. They were all awesome!  This summer we’re headed back to Mexico for our Internship with Honeywell. I’m very excited that little Isaac will be able to meet his aunts and grandmas!  I love cooking, dancing (especially Latin music), having good conversations and any activity outdoors.

Recruiting Head: Katherine Peterson

katharineheadshotWelcome to the BYU MBA program! My husband John and I thoroughly enjoyed our first year and hope you will do the same! A native of Bountiful, UT, I graduated from BYU in Family Studies, met John and then worked in HR and Events and Marketing for several years. Now I am slowly pursuing a degree in Interior Design. We have two wonderful children. We love to hike, play tennis, visit the zoo, and try new food. BYU has been a marvelous experience for us. Marketing is John’s emphasis. He interned with Johnson & Johnson in Philadelphia. After graduation, we hope to explore the world a little and work overseas eventually. As I got involved the first year, MBASA helped me build a network of lasting friends in a similar situation. I’m excited to make friends with you this year. Welcome to the program!