Recruitment Timeframes

When should my husband start looking for an internship?

From the first day of orientation, spouses have INTERNSHIPS drilled into their head. The internship search can and should start as soon as possible. However, not all companies recruit at the same time and not for all their positions.  Here is a general time frame of when you can expect companies to recruit for your spouse’s track:

Organizational Behavior/Human Resources

September- October. OB/HR recruiting is very heavy between the first week of September and the end of November. Info sessions continue until early October, on-campus interviews happen early to mid October, and fly-backs take place in late October and November. For most on-campus opportunities, this is the window. A few companies will likely trickle in throughout the rest of the year but they won’t be core companies and there’s no guarantee that more will come. It varies each year. Not all OB/HR students find their internships through on-campus opportunities so some students will need to get out on their own (attending conferences, networking, etc.). The first few months of the MBA program are intense for OB/HR students but it comes and goes quickly.

Supply Chain

October – Mid December is the busiest time but Supply Chain recruiting occurs throughout the school year. Companies start posting Supply Chain opportunities in September, and keep posting them through March. Career conferences are especially productive for supply chain students. On-campus opportunities vary from year to year.  At the same time, if a company is recruiting for a position your spouse would be interested in, apply – unless there is no way you would actually accept the opportunity.  Don’t geographically limit your spouse’s opportunity, there are lots of great opportunities all around the world.


Early October. Marketing on-campus recruiting is not as strong as other tracks. There are a few main companies that recruit on campus such as Nestle, Nestle-Purina, Union Pacific, (technically not on campus due to tax laws, but they recruit actively at BYU) and Adobe. It is critical for marketing students to attend the career conferences, treks and arrange to visit other companies of interest on their own as we continue to build the marketing track.

Product Development

October/November, and sometimes again in January-March. Students who are pursuing a joint PD/MBA degree typically follow the same recruiting path as Supply Chain students. This is not always the case, however, so if there are questions, please contact Dick Smith at MBA Career Services with further questions.


Finance recruiting often happens later than the other tracks, although many students have gotten early offers from attending conferences like NSHMBA and NMBMBA. Many companies, however, don’t start actively recruiting until January-March. Recruitment also varies for the type of internship your spouse desires: corporate finance positions are more plentiful and available earlier than most investment finance positions. Investment firms do not often come to campus to recruit so a student interested in investments, private equity, venture capital, etc. will have more success through networking, conferences, and face time. Please see this document for more information about finance internships: Finance Internships.


Just because your spouse does not receive an internship offer during the typical recruiting time period for his/her track, it does not mean that they will not receive an offer at all. Many companies don’t know if they will need interns until later in the year and many don’t fill all their slots and so may have new ones open up later. Sometimes, the best internships don’t come until the very end. You will be amazed how everything works out. (And it does. It always works out!)