Roles and Responsibilities

The MBASA Charter outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Presidency and Board (i.e. the committee heads).


1. Sole spokesperson for MBASA
2. Liaison between the members, MBAA General Council, and the University
3. Create committees
4. Preside at Presidency and Board Meetings
5. Exercise final decision and veto power for all activities representing and/or using funds from MBASA
6. Oversees election process for MBASA candidates for the next year

Vice President

1. Assist the President with execution of duties
2. Represent MBASA in absence or at request of President
3. Replace President in the event the President resigns or is otherwise unable to execute duties for a period
4. Sends out weekly MBASA Bulletin
5. Oversees MBASA Alumni

Director of Committees

1. Assists the President in execution of duties
2. Oversees the committees and MBASA Calendar
3. Coordinates calendaring and resolves any calendaring disputes between the committees
4. Responsible for communications from committees to MBASA
5. Assists in the allocation of funds between the committees


1. Assists the President in execution of duties
2. Presents a financial update to Presidency at least once per month
3. Manages MBASA budget and reports back to MBA office
4. Writes checks for reimbursements


1. Assist the President in execution of duties
2. Record meeting minutes
3. Maintain membership records and manages Google Group

Committees and Board

The President, with the help of the Presidency, create committees as needed each year. The committees dissolve automatically at the end of year school year and each president can retain, remove, or add the committees of their choosing. When selecting the heads of committees, all MBASA members will be notified by the Presidency and have the opportunity to submit an application. The Presidency then selects their board from the pool of applicants. All members of MBASA are welcome to volunteer as a committee member of any committee. The Presidency also has the power to replace committee heads or dissolve the committees with the majority consent of the Presidency and Board.

The committee heads are collectively known as “the Board.” Each committee is allowed one vote at board meetings. The Presidency and Board meet at the President’s discretion to plan activities, discuss policies, and make other needed decisions for the future of MBASA. Board members may call for a vote to override the decision of the President or Presidency. A two-thirds vote is necessary for an override to pass.

The current Committee and Special Program heads are:

Fine Arts Committee: Kacey Ableman

Communication Committee: Katie Apker

Education Committee: Rachel Callan

Family Committee: Trina Weaver

Fellowship Committee: Shellee Salmon

Head Guru: Ashley Crosby

GOTHE Committee: Stacey Morriss

Assistant to the GOTHE Committee head: Virginia Barrett

Service Committee: Amy Collier

New Parents / Extenuating Circumstances: Whitney Tanner

Sports & Wellness Committee: Megan Lindstrom

World Cultures Committee: Claudia Roa

Recruiting Head: Katherine Peterson